Do you ever feel nervous in social situations? You’re normal. Human beings, being human, get anxious. We all do. Anxiety is one of the many spectra of emotions that every person is capable of feeling.

Anxiety is a lack of love. It is the emptiness of doubt, manifested.

Rather than trying to detach from this part of the human experience, embrace it. After all, you cannot remove a space that is already empty. Instead, you must fill it.

Fill Your Void with the Breathings of Your Heart

I am often asked questions such as:

“How can I feel less awkward talking to people?”
“What do I say to a girl I like?”
“Is there a good way to make a first impression?”

These are all dilemmas of a busy mind. Such thoughts are destined to continue until you reconnect with your heart.

When we practice our communication skills we often speak without really believing our words because we’re trying hard to be validated and win affection. At this moment, the words cease to be an expression, but rather a device to cause a reaction in others.

The repercussion, whether positive or negative, is witnessed internally and fuels introversion because the risk of failing to impress continues, regardless.

That Which You Seek to Gain Can Be Lost Again – That Which Is Eternal Is Constant

Developing incredible social skills is not about creating a toolkit of techniques that will enable to talk to people in a captivating way. It is a process of learning how to strip away all of your internal blocks so that you uncover who you truly are and share that.

When you practice talking to people, focus on expressing yourself, with love, rather than impressing people, for their love. Make sure you are mindful of sharing the depth of your truth at that moment.

Give your truth a voice and its volume will drown out the anxiety.

Marcus Oakey

Marcus is an author, consultant and entrepreneur. He divides his time between writing, mentoring global leaders in the science of charisma and a borderline obsession with the lost art of mind mastery.